About us

“The way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.”,  Oscar Wilde

Precision and speed are our passion and the target of our customers with our products. This and much more you can find with “Levicron”.

Precision and speed are our passion, our tools are innovative calculation-, simulation-, optimazation-, and manufacturing technology as well as decades of experience in non-contact bearing systems.

The result are high innovative, indutry leading motor spindle solutions of ultra-precise quality wit CNC functionality.

Whether it is analytical development andoptimization, production, assembly, testing, service or integration work – our customers get all the products and performance of Levicron out of one hand:

  • Calculation, Simulation und Optimization
  • Design and Drafting
  • Vertically integrated Manufacturing
  • Modules and System Assembly
  • Modules and System Testing
  • Machine Integeration Service
  • Customer Service and After Market Service

As machining tolerances required for our parts are tighter than for pretty much any other industry manufacturing technology development is a major part of our business and results in a vertically fully integrated manufacturing. Thus customers not only get information and service from one source they also can rely on a very short lead time.

Hence with Levicron you can find “Everthing under a single Roof”.

Development and Manufacturing appear to be the most important part of our success, however is build on the people behind these technologies.

Together with its founder, Dr. Ralf Dupont, who can rely on more than 15 years of experience in developping and using non-contact bearing technologies and manufacturing technologies, the core team around him represents the quality and performance of Levicron products.

Although Levicron integrates development, manufacture, assembly, test, sales and service vertically important strategic partnerships have evolved over the years. Levicron can rely on their strategic business partners and the other way around.

Obviously our products must not only serve a theoretical purpose, but a real customer benefit. With our customer reference base we can give you further information about spindle solutions to your personal application.

Customer Care and Service is important for us, and short lead and return time is important to us. Trade shows are a ver comfortable way for our customers to get to know us, our products and to ask specific questions about their application. Thus we are available for you on important international trade shows.