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As an international leading force and pioneer in precision motor spindles with non-contact bearing technology Levicron is constantly challenged to develop sub and auxiliary systems that are commercially not available. Similar to our new spring-less HSK clamping units SLHx, this gives us the opportunity to refine such developments and lead them towards new products with unique features.
By using all of our internal knowledge and technologies to test and verify the quality and performance of our spindle products we have just created our spindle test and analyzing system “ShakesBear“.
Being tested by customers right now you can already get a closer look at its features and use within our newsletter for Q1 2019.


The following OEM systems are available.

ShakesBear „Hamlet“ 

  • Nanometer level multi-sensor SEA with error separation and 100 kHz sampling rate
  • For PC-Connection via USB
  • Software modules:
    • Data base for Levicron spindles (bespoke data base on request)
    • SEA radial, with automated report creation
    • SEA axial, with automated report creation
    • Sensor set up and digital drag pointer dial gauge

ShakesBear „Othello“

  • High-resolution, multi-sensor spindle dynamics measurement for speeds up to 100.000 rpm
  • for PC-Connection via USB, alternatively with integrated Raspberry Pi and touch-screen
  • Software modules:
    • Data base for Levicron spindles (only for PC version; bespoke data base on request)
    • Resonance Speed Map, dynamic tool run-out and spindle vibrations for speeds up to 100.000 rpm
    • Axial shaft growth and temperature with spindle speed and time
    • Sensor set up and digital drag pointer dial gauge


Back in Q3 2018 we finally started the construction work for our new facility. We hope to have finished moving in by Q4 2019. For this everybody at Levicron is doing the hips. Get some impressions in the PDF version of the newsletter.

Although you are always very welcome to get in touch with us we would like to invite you to a personal conversation at this year’s EMO exhibition in Hannover, Germany, and the OPTIFAB show in Rochester/NY.

As with every newsletter from us you can also download this one as PDF HERE.

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Open the PDF version of our newsletter for Q1 2019.


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What: Newsletter // March 2019
When: March 2019
Where: Levicron GmbH

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