Spindle Integration and Retro-Fit Kits

for UP- and CNC-Maschine Tools

The integration of a tool spindle into a CNC machine tool requires much more than just a mechanical installation. The communication to and from the drive and the machine PLC, the wiring of the motor, air filtration and spindle liquid cooling need to be taken care of. This also should make clear that spindle performance and accuracy not only rely on the spindle itself.


In collaboration with different machine tool and machine control builders from Ultra-Precision as well as CNC Machining Levicron have developped integration and retro-fit kits to fully integrate their motor spindle solutions into a machine tool in such a way the user gets the most precise and most powerful machining solution. This includes:

  • Spindle Flange and Height Adjuster
  • Spindle Drive and Drive Configuration
  • Chiller
  • Air Filtration
  • Wiring
  • Machine Safety Package
  • Machine Control Set Up

Feel free to contact us for your personal spindle integration solution.

Integration work for our spindle solutions to work perfectly with your Ultra-Precision Machine Tool

Machine Controls:

  • Delta Tau
  • UPx


  • Levicron Tool and/or Work Holding Spindle
  • Spindle Mount
  • Height Adjuster (Option)
  • Spindle Drive and Drive Set Up
  • Chiller
  • Air Filtration

Set Up:

  • Spindle Encoder Adjustment for Machine Control and Drive
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Wiring
  • Operation Monitoring / Machine Safety:
    • Air Supply Pressure
    • Coolant Pressure
    • Tool Clamp Status
    • Machine – / Spindle Error
  • Machine Control Set Up

Machine-independent operation of our spindle solutions;

Quite often  customers want to use a machining spindle regardless of the machine or on multiple machines. Again, an air conditioning and safeguards are needed in addition to a radiator and inverter. Levicron is providing a autonomous supply cabinet to which is connected to the spindle and the radiator, and takes all necessary tasks such pressure monitoring, air filtration or monitor the clamping state.


  • Spindle Drive: LTi ServoOne SO84-20
  • 24 V Power Supply
  • Siemens PLC
  • Pressure Switch, Coolant
  • Pressure Switch, Air Supply
  • Electrical Valves (Tool Clamp / Eject)
  • Mains Switch, fused with 32 A
  • Operation Indicator LED’s
  • Spindle Mount (Option)


  • AC 400 V
  • Coolant Inflow (from Chiller)
  • Air (6-10 bar)
  • Analog 0-10 V (speed control)
  • Spindle Sensors (rotary encoder, tool clamp switches, thermal couples)
  • Coolant Backflow (from Spindle)
  • RJ 45 (to Drive)
  • RS232 (to PLC)


  • Spindle Air Supply
  • Spindle Motor
  • Coolant Inflow (to Spindle)
  • Coolant Backflow (to Chiller)
  • Air Supply Spindle Clamp/Unclamp

Integration work for our spindle solutions to work perfectly with your CNC Machine Tool

Machine Controls:

  • Fanuc
  • Heidenhain
  • Siemens
  • Roeders
  • LTi System One


  • Levicron Tool and/or Work Holding Spindle
  • Spindle Flange (Option)
  • Air Filtration

Set Up:

  • Spindle Encoder Adjustment to Machine Control
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Wiring
  • Machine Safety (Spindle -/ Machine Errors, Tool Clamp …)