Mission Statement

Why we do what we do ...
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Mission statement

“The way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” – Oscar Wilde

Precision, Speed and Stability are our passion and what our customer’s demand from our products. With the absence of metal-to-metal contact it is hard for most engineers to believe that a non-contact bearing can be as robust and stiff as a roller bearing, while at the same time being even more accurate and faster.

Air bearing

However, an aerostatic air bearing of the same diameter can be stiffer and offer more damping if properly designed and optimized. Due to the equalization effect of the air bearing gap, which has a size of just a few microns, the error in motion of an air bearing is better than the sum of the parts involved. Therefore air bearing spindles have an asynchronous error motion about 10 times smaller and synchronous error motion about half that of roller bearing spindles. As a result an air bearing spindle can be as powerful as a roller bearing spindle, but offer a radial and axial asynchronous error motion as low as 4 nm (0.18 µ in) at surface speeds of up to 250 m/s (760 ft/s).

At low speed air or gas bearings even have very low friction what makes them superior for mechanical navigation systems in which friction means error and so deviation. Also known as “air lubricated” bearings, air/gas bearings are used extensively within the medical, food and electronics industries where oil or particle based lubricants can’t be used. We at Levicron are committed to the goal to developing, building and selling ulta-precise systems with non-contact bearings which can compete with roller bearings for robustness in CNC Machining, but with superior accuracy and speed.

Our values and goals

At Levicron, we are committed to designing, building and selling competitive non-contact bearing systems based on these facts.

  • Speed
  • Friction
  • Precision
  • Thermic
  • and endurance properties

are our outstanding unique selling points to offer you our perfect service and products.