Integral Spring-Less, Self-Locking Tool Clamping System for Hollow-Taper-Shank Tools (HSK, DIN 69893)

What do you need for a simple, safe, and consistent Hollow-Taper-Shank tool clamping (HSK)?

Nothing more than this …


Tool spindle manufacturers know of all the problems with a spring-based taper clamping system – a complex and stacked design combined with inconsistent balancing and shaft dynamics, spring fatigue, inconsistent clamping positions, and pull-in forces at excessive servicing.

On the other hand, existing self-locking clamping systems appear too complex and show quite different problems. Due to the serial combination of several taper connections, these clamping systems not only cover a broad travel range but also suffer from clamping position and pull force due to non-predictable changes in tribological conditions. Self-locking taper clamping systems that comply with the current state of the art also use a self-locking unit connected to a standard clamping unit which can be used with other clamping systems. It again affects the already significant change in clamping position.

Our solution:

Our newly developed and patent pending spring-less automatic clamping system for Hollow-Taper-Shank (HSK) tools with optional aerostatic rotary feedthrough is based on the principle of a monolithic pre-loaded self-locking. For this, the clamping and the locking unit used with other spring-less clamping systems are combined and reduced to only one single unit of a very simplistic design that covers the clamping as well as the self-locking.

The results for the spindle manufacturer:

  • The number of parts involved reduces to the minimum
  • Ultra-compact, simple and light design
  • clamping system removable (service) from the shaft without removing it from the spindle
  • Non-rotating drawbar (standard)
  • Forces to eject a tool reduced by 60 % (to preserve the spindle bearings)
  • Optional aerostatic rotary feedthrough (not available for SLH-25)

The benefits of your machining application:

  • Consistent clamping force and positions even over 2 million tool change cycles
  • Consistent and excellent shaft balancing and dynamics
  • Especially for spindle solutions that are meant to machine optical components
  • Higher spindle speeds
  • Greatly improved reliability
  • Maintenance-free

*) at 0.2 mm axial gap; limited by piston pack

*) at 0.2 mm axial gap; limited by piston pack

*) at 0.2 mm axial gap; limited by piston pack

*) at 0.2 mm axial gap; limited by piston pack

*) at 0.2 mm axial gap; limited by piston pack