Ultra-Precision Aerostatic CNC Tool Spindles

…for CNC milling, grinding and flycutting

All of our tool spindle solutions combine CNC functionality with Ultra-Precision. Together with the patented bearing technology and our highly specialized production we can offer high-speed tool spindle solutions for the production of optical components and high-precision parts with industrial tool clamp and tool change function, tool clamp status monitoring, high-efficient liquid cooling and cutting fluid feed through.


Ultra-Precision Tool Holding

…made with highly specialized production and industry leading in precision and dynamics

Our tool clamping system assures the best shaf dynamics and highest speed limits. Our tool holder is essential for shaft dynamics and contributes to dynamic/ static runout.


Spindle and Dynamics Analyzer Systems

…with nanometer resolution and for speeeds of up to 100.000rpm

As such are commercially not available Levicron GmbH has been developing analyzing systems to qualify their spindle products since the beginning. The company has finally combined all their internal testin methods to generate their “ShakesBear” Spindle and Dynamics Analyzer Systems. Based on a spindle and machine tool data base static and dynamic spindle analysis can be performed with nanometer resolution and for speeds of up to 100.000 rpm.

Our analyzing system “ShakesBear” gives the spindle and machine tool manufacturer the perfect tool to check and control static and dynamic spindle properties on a test bench as well as in a machine tool.

Retrofit- und Integrationspaket

Retro-fit- and Integration Kits

…comprehesive solutions out of one hand.

In collaboration with different machine tool and machine control builders from Ultra-Precision as well as CNC Machining we have developed integration and retro-fit kits to fully integrate the motor spindle solutions into a machine tool in sich a way the user gets the most precise and most powerful machining solution.

Levicron is a German based manufacturer of ultra-precision spindle solutions for CNC Milling, Grinding and Turning.

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