Ultra-Precision Work Holding Spindles

for Turning, Flycutting and Anglular Positioning

All of our tool spindle solutions combine CNC functionality with Ultra-Precision.  Together with the patented bearing technology and our highly specialized production we can offer high-speed tool spindle solutions for the production of optical components and high-precision parts to our customers. This also includes work holding spindle solutions which are used to carry the work piece for turning operations or to position it within only a few arc seconds angular accuracy.


Levicron offers Ultra-Precision work holding spindles with an industry leading load capacity, stiffness and thermal stability. That higher speeds doesn’t exclude higher spindle stiffness can be seen on the fact that our work holding spindle ASD-Px offers the highest spindle stiffness on the market at highest speeds of up to 12.000 rpm at the same time.

Together with guaranteed and verified Error-Motion values of under 15 nm this enables the user to machine large and heavy optics as well as small lenslet arrays at high spindle speeds.

  • Patented Aerostatic Bearing Technology
  • Spindle Ø 175 mm, Flange Ø 225 mm
  • Face Plate (with tapped holes pattern)/ Vaccum Chuck / Zero-Point Chuck
  • 10.000 rpm (optional: 12.000 rpm)
  • Iron-Less Motor Technology (6 Nm)
  • Radial / Axial Load Capacity 180/200 kg
  • Concentric Static Spindle Stiffness at Face PLate 200/250 N/micron
  • Error-Motion: < 15 nm
  • Spindle Soak Time < 8 Min.
  • Shaft Axial Growth < 0.8 micron