Aerostatic Full-Range CNC Tool Spindle with HSK-E40 Tool Interface


Rough machining with a 10 mm cutter in steel and wear-free, ultra-precise, and stable high-speed machining at 60.000 rpm would save the machine user an additional machine for creating precision molds and guarantee optical surface finish at the same time. Our tool spindle model UASD-H40 Levicron has achieved this goal and can now provide a unique, accurate full-range aerostatic CNC tool spindle with HSK-E40 tool clamping and speeds up to 60.000 rpm.

The patented high-pressure aerostatic bearing system generates a radial and axial load capacity of up to 7.000 N / 1.400 lbs. Compared to hydrostatic tool spindles, our UASD-H40 offers the following advantages: 

  • comparable load capacities at 50% fewer energy costs, 
  • remarkably cost savings for peripherals, 
  • and 50% more spindle speed, but because of the much more simple sealing technology, a very compact and easy-to-maintain spindle design.

It was designed into a standard steel housing of 120 mm diameters. Together with the new in-house developed spring-less automatic HSK-E40 tool interface and the high-pressure shaft rotary feedthrough capable of leading any gas or fluid at -1 to 80 bar pressure to the tooltip, our UASD-H40 represents the first proper full-range aerostatic CNC tool spindle with HSK-E40 tool interface and speeds of up to 60.000 rpm.


 Tool interface:

Spindle diameter:

Motor options:

Motor torque:

Shaft power:

Angular position control:

Nominal speed:

Tool change system:

Spindle cooling:

Bearing system:

Accuracy, dynamics:


Axial shaft growth:

Medium rotary feedthrough:

Spindle connectors:

HSK-E40, spring-less (SLH40)

120 mm

Permanent magnet-DC, 2-Poles, 3 Phases

4 Nm, S1/100%

11 kW, S1/100%

1VSS SinCos, 88 lines, zero-flag

0 – 60,000 rpm

pneumatic, 4bit tool clamp status monitoring, tape cleaning air

thin-film liquid cooling

high-pressure aerostatic, 40 -60 bar

dynamic tool run-out < 1 µm *)

Error-motion < 50 nm

6 micron **)

aerostatic for Vacuum, any gas or liquid at up to 70%

axially oriented (Dmax 100 mm)

*) if used with Levicrons tool holder series UTS-40

**) from cold / standstill to 60krpm/ heated through

*) all values at 20 bar bearing supply pressure
**) all values at 60 bar bearing supply pressure

*) including bearing and material stiffness

**) if used with Levicrons tool holder series UTS-40

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