Ultra-Precision Tool Holding

Ultra-Precision Tool-Holding Solutions for industrial Applications

Performance, productivity and accuracy of a machining process as well as the resulting surface quality of the work-piece rely on three components – the machine, the spindle and the tool. Of course it is useful and economical to use suppliers who are specialized in each of these components to prevent reinventing the wheel.

But what if available solutions cannot meet the given requirements? Spindle as well as machine builders then need to decide whether they want to design their product around the existing solution and to accept compromises or to invest the resources to develop their own bespoke solution.

Due to the fact that the requirements on Levicron products are different and higher than for other spindle solutions Levicron have invested to develop, patent and manufacture various solutions other spindle manufactures buy in from supplier. For example these are

  • Encoder Systems,
  • Electrical Motors,
  • Bearing Systems,
  • Tool Clamping Systems,
  • Tool Holders.

Tool holding and tool clamping are actually not part of a tool spindle, nor they are part of the tooling. This leaves a gap that needs to be filled as tool holding and clamping have a significant influence on shaft dynamics, the vibration level, dynamic tool run-out and bottom end on the accuracy and surfe finish of the work-piece. Considering a perfect spindle and machine tool a tool holder with a high imbalance and/or run-out would just ruin the machining results. Due to this reason and to make sure our customers get the best results with our spindle solutions Levicron have developed their ultra-precision tool-holder series UTS-x with guaranteed tool run-outs of under 0.8 micron and balancing qualities 25 times better than the available industry standard. Levicron’s patented integral HSK tool clamping unit series SLH-x on the other hand works with monolithically pre-loaded self-locking and thus simplifies HSK tool clamping with an innovative simplistic design. It combines best shaft dynamics, highest speed limits with consistent clamping positions even over 2 million tool change cycles and an unbeaten reliability. It is maintenance-free and can be removed from the shaft without removing the shaft itself from the spindle.

See yourself and get tool holding solutions from Levicron for your own spindle design.

  • For HSK-Interface, DIN DIN69893, or for direct tool shank clamping
  • Simplistic and ultra-compact
  • Precise
  • Robust
  • Maintenance-free
  • Tool Interface: HSK-E, DIN 69893E
  • Thermal Shrinking Shank Clamping
  • Balancing Qualities: G0.3 mm/s bei 60,000 rpm *)
  • Static Tool Run-Out: < 0.8 micron *)

*) If used with Levicron tool spindle ASD-H25/A, UASD-H25/A, UASD-H32/A and UASD-H40