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Along with the development of our new high-pressure aerostatic bearing technology we have created two new tool spindle models that feature the new bearing technology to increase robustness significantly without compromising accuracy, speed and stability.

Our new UASD-H25 with HSK-E25 tool clamping and our new UASD-H40 with HSK-E40 tool clamping will be on display on this year’s EMO exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

At the annual ASPE conference in Charlotte, NC, our Dr. Ralf Dupont will present and explain our high-pressure aerostatic bearing technology in a more scientific way and will explain why full-range CNC machining of optical and precision components is likely to become the next step in precision and ultra-precision machining.

We are inviting you to visit us for a personal conversation at the EMO exhibition, booth no. E22, Hall12, or at the ASPE conference in Charlotte.

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