Integral Clamping Units (HSK)

Intagral Hollow-Taper-Shank (HSK) Clamping Units, DIN69893

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid!

Complex designs, inconsistent imbalances and shaft dynamics, limited in speed and unreliability of existing integral HSK clamping units brought Levicron to develop their own HSK tool clamping system. It all began with “I’ll be looking into it” and resulted with our very own patented integral HSK clamping unit series SLH-x in a radical reduction of the number of parts required to automatically clamp HSK tool holdes in a spindle shaft. For the spindle design and function this means constant and very low spindle dynamics, consistent clamping positions, a significantly improved reliability and serviceability.

Same applies to our integral collet clamping systems which directly clamp the tool shank into the spindle without a tool holder. Unfortunately our collet systems are not standardized and are not available for sales.

  • Tool Interface HSK-E, DIN DIN69893
  • Ultra-compact, simple in design and robust
  • Spring-less
  • Monolithically pre-loaded