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Semiconductor, electronics, and optoelectronics industries have been undergoing a transformation for some time, which the world is now experiening in quite a few respects. While in the past the consumer itself was the all-dominant element to predict production volumes, he now has been replaced by industrial and domestic automation, better known as “Industry 4.0” and “Internet of Things (IoT)”.
Parts and components coming from these industries have not only always been developed towards smaller dimensions, but also towards integrative and combined systems (electronic packaging). This is now leading to significant changes in machining strategies towards lower tolerances, smaller tools, higher spindle speeds and a distinct level of automation. Levicron realized some time ago that existing machine and spindle solutions can not cope with these changes and new requirements.

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  • The new spindle solution (U)ASD-H20A as a response to the future of the semiconductor industry
  • Our trade fair calendar: Finally it is possible to welcome you personally at trade fairs again. Our trade show calendar shows where we are exhibiting this year.
  • Vacation closedown: We will be on company vacation during the week of  August 1st to 5th 2022.


Publication date: July 2022
Content points (U)ASD-H20A/ Trade fair calendar/ Vacation closedown

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