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On September 9, 2022, Levicron and Leading Optics held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation and a workshop for ultra-precision spindle technology in Shanghai. The founder and CEO of Levicron, Dr. Ralf Dupont, the chairman of Leading Optics, Dr. Ren MingJun, CTO Dr. Zhang XinQuan, CEO Dr. Zhang Zhe, and other management of Leading Optics, attended the ceremony and symposium. Both parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in business exploration, industrial collaboration, personnel training, and product development in the future.

This strategic cooperation will promote the deep business cooperation between Levicron and Leading Optics. Levicron will cooperate with Leading Optics to develop the application technology of ultra-precision processing equipment and provide ultra-precision CNC motor spindles. They will also support parts manufacturing and related technical services for the Asia-Pacific region’s precision and ultra-precision manufacturing industry and jointly explore more business partners.

In addition, the symposium on ultra-precision spindle technology has attracted academic scholars and industry experts from many partners. Dr. Ralf Dupont and Dr. Zhang XinQuan gave lectures on spindle design, application fields, and spindle error measurement. Based on the concept of “Win-win cooperation,” Levicron and Leading Optics has created a communication platform for all the participants through this symposium. Levicron and Leading Optics believe that China’s precision and ultra-precision manufacturing industry can benefit from the world’s leading spindle technology and achieve further innovation and breakthroughs.

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About Leading Optics

Leading Optics is a high-tech enterprise focusing on developing manufacturing systems and producing micro-nano optical devices with nanometer-level accuracy. It is committed to providing high-quality optical molds, micro-nano optical components, optical-mechanical-electrical products, and turn-key solutions for intelligent vehicles, consumer electronics, and biomedical products.


Date September 2022
Location Shanghai

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