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Jake Wilkinson from AZO Network recently interviewed Dr. Ralf Dupont, founder and President of Levicron, about the current global trend of using aerostatic tool spindles for CNC-machining. Ralf Dupont explained the aerostatic principles and their outstanding advantages compared to conventional solutions. Beside obvious advantages like speed, accuracy and dynamics current applications in CNC Machining stronlgy benefit from the thermal stability of aerostatic tool spindles and the fact that they don’t change their properties with time, doesn’t matter how long you rund the spindle at top speed.

Ralf Dupont explains that with their spindle models ASD-H25 and ASD-H25A Levicron can add ultra-precision, an industrial and automated HSK tooling system and robustness to this list. No other spindle on the market can run at these speeds and can offer more load capacity at the same time what makes Levicron the international leading force of aerostatic tool spindles for CNC machining.

Meanwhile Asia is on track to become Levicron’s biggest market where high-precision mold and dies or components for cars require the technology only Levicron can offer.

With their continuous expansion Levicron have even additional and even more innovative products based on aerostatic bearing systems and industrial HSK tooling systems on their radar. “Always two steps ahead”, explains Ralf Dupont.


  • Aerostatic principles and bearing designs
  • General advantages of aerostatic spindles compared to conventional spindles
    • Speed
    • Accuracy
    • Dynamics
    • Thermal Stability
    • Long-run stability
  • Levicron’s tool spindle types ASD-H25 and ASD-H25 offer more
      • Ultra-Precision
      • Robustness

    Industrial HSK tooling system

  • World-wide demand for spindle solutions from Levicron to machine
    • Precision molds and dies for electronics and optics
    • Optics and light management components
    • Components for cars (led head lights, fuel injectors)
  • Asia is on track to become Levicron’s biggest market
  • New visions and developments from Levicron



Publisher: AZO Network
Medium / Issue: AZO-Materials, 16-03
Interviewer / Author: Jake Wilkinson / Dr. Ralf Dupont
Date: March 17th 2015

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