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Levicron is looking for “heads with hands”

Levicron is a global leader for Ultra-Precision motor spindle solutions used for CNC machining centers according to their slogan

“Ultra-Precision meets CNC-Performance”.

Despite of difficult times for the world’s economy Levicron is experiencing a significant increase in orders. That not only allows, but demands further investments and growth.


Job Description

To ensure the quality, precision and accuracy of our products Levicron have widely to rely on profound custom processes and machines for manufacte, assambly and test. Reliable processes and machines to manufacture parts and assemblies within 0.5 microns in dimensions and form to achieve resulting product accuracies of under 10 nanometers should not only give a hint how curcial these are, but also that such haven’t been established yet on the market.

Despite the current interlational crisis Levicron is experiencing a significant growth and increase in sales. We have now reached a point where we have to establish an experienced operations manager with sound knowledge in CNC machines, production/process control, organization structures and people skills.


  • Apprenticeship in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering,
  • engineer degree (Mechatronics, Precision Machining),
  • year of experience in operating CNC machines,
  • year of experience in working with organization, process and planning tools,
  • year of experience in leading teams and employees,
  • year of experience in managing facilities,
  • year of experience in working with MRP and ERP systems,
  • sound knowledge in
    • mapping a process,
    • optimizing a process,
    • implementing a process,
    • documenting a process (ISO9001),
    • production planning and control,
  • entrepreneurial thinking,
  • outstanding dedication.


If the job description and position matches your criteria of a challenging and exciting work environment please get in touch with us.

Christian Toens
Phone: +49 6301 66800 11
E-Mail: c.toens(at)


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Education: Degree (Mechatronics, Precision Machining) or equivalent
Employment: full-time
Working hours: > 40
Start Date: asap

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