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For an accurate deflection of laser beams freeform mirros with a surface finish of better 10 nm Ra are required. Presented machining example shows the freeform creation of such a reflector based on a polynomial function. A Levicron tool spindle type ASD080H25 on an ultra-precision machining center with slow-tool servo function and a diamond ball end mill R2 were used.

Rough cutting was done with a standard carbide tool at 80.000 rpm, 1 mm cutting depth and 0.4 mm feet rate per cutting edge. Rough cutting time: 45 min. Finish cutting was done at 5 micron cutting depth and 5 micron feedrate per cutting edge at 80.000 rpm. Finish cutting time: 24 h.

Achieved surface finish: 7 nm Ra


  • Laser Reflector Machining, Material MS58, D 120 mm
  • Machine: LT-Ultra MTC (UP, 3 Axes, Slow-Tool Servo Mode)
  • Tool Spindle: Tool Spindle: Levicron ASD080H25
  • Tooling, Roughing: Carbide Ball End Mill, D4
  • Infeed, Roughing: 1 mm depth, 0,5 mm feedrate per cutting edge and revolution
  • Rough Machining Time: 45 min
  • Tooling, Finishing: Natural Diamong Ball End Mill, D4
  • Infeed, Finishing: 5 micron depth, 5 micron feedrate per cutting edge and revolution
  • Finish Cutting time: 24 h
  • Achieved Surface Finish: < 7 nm Ra



Client: Confidential
Hardware: LT-Ultra MTC + Levicron ASD080H25
Contact: Ralf Dupont, Levicron
Date: March 2015

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