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Alexander Chilton from AZO Network recently interviewed Dr. Ralf Dupont, founder and CEO of Levicron Germany, about the current trend in CNC Machining to use aerostatic tool spindles and Levicron leading position with their ultra-precision spindle model ASD-H25 and ASD-H25A.

Where Ultra-Precision Machining lacks of automation and productivity CNC Machining on the other side lack of the capability to machine ultra-precision parts like dies for optical components or watch components.

Levicron’s spindle models ASD-H25 and ASD-H25A not only comprise of an ultra-precision, robust and patented bearing system, they also include an automated HSK-E25 tooling system and all other features required for CNC Machining like tool clamp status monitoring e.g.

This enables Ultra-Precision Machining to add tool loaders and automated tool setting to their machine tools what again would increase productivity drastically and would make the machine operation more independent from the skills of the machine operator. For CNC Machining on the other hand Levicron’s ASD-H25 and ASD-H25A means the opportunity to machine ultra-precision parts. But apart from the obvious advantages, the spindle solutions from Levicron mean much more for CNC Machining than just increasing accuracy. With higher speeds and higher load capacities they represent a robust and more productive solution than any other aerostatic tool spindle on the market. Besides, with their outstanding thermal stability and a wear-free bearing system they allow constant part quality even if used at high-speed over days or weeks.

Ralf Dupont finally gives an outlook in future developments and an overview of applications in Ultra-Precision and CNC Machining with their ASD-H25/A.


  • Aerostatic bearing techhnology and advantages against conventional bearings
  • Overview of Ultra-Precision and CNC Machine Tools and applications
  • Precitech‘s approach of using Levicron’s spindle solutions
  • Ultra-Precision Machine Tools become more productive
  • Levicron’s ASD-H25/A as worlds first and industry leading solution for CNC machining with aerostatic tool spindles and Ultra-Precision


Publisher: AZO Network
Journal / Issue: AZO-Materials, 15-03
Interviewer / Author: Alexander Chilton / Dr. Ralf Dupont
Date: March 17th 2014