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For an accurate deflection of laser beams mirrors are required. This example shows the machining of a laser reflector mold in steele based on a polynomial function.A 3-axis ultra-precision machine tool with slow-tool servo function (rotary axis synchronized with linear axes) and our ASD080H25 with a CBN tool D 3 mm were used.

Goal was to minimize machining time at a fixed maximum surface finish. Rough machining was done at 0.3 mm cutting depth and 0.2 mm feed rate per cutting edge and revolution. Finish machining was done at 10 micron cutting depth and feed rate. Overall machining time: 2 h. Surface finish: < 20 nm Ra.


  • Material: 1.2080, HRC58
  • Machine: LT-Ultra MTC (3 axes, slow-tool servo)
  • Spindle: Levicron ASD080H25 at 80.000 rpm
  • Tool, roughing: Standard carbide ball end mill, D3
  • Cutting depth, roughing: 0.3 mm
  • Tool, finishing: CBN ball end mill, D3
  • Cutting depth, finishing: 10 mic
  • Overall machining time: 2 h
  • Achieved surface finish: 18 nm Ra



User: Confidential
Hardware: LT-Ultra MTC + Levicron ASD080H25
Direct Contact: Ralf Dupont, Levicron
Date: April 2013

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