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Ultra-precision machining still lacks of automation and results highly depend on the operator. LT-Ultra’s new MMC-900H bridges several gaps at the same time.

Beside ultra-precision positioning capability and thermal control it comprises of an automated tool changer for HSK-E25 tool holders and a laser tool setting system. Also they use the right tool spindle for this machine tool …


  • Overview of ultra-precision technology and parts
  • Presentation of an automated HSK-E25 chain loader
  • Presentation of an automated laser tool setting system
  • Verified accuracies and stability
  • Parts, metrology and results


Journal “Mikroproduktion”, contact details:

LT-Ultra GmbH, contact details:


Publisher: MIKROvent GmbH
Journal / Issue: Mikroproduktion / 06-2015
Author: Dr. Kai Schmidt, Dr. Kurt Haskic (LT-Ultra GmbH)
Date: 22. März 2015

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